Five Shower Habits that are Ruining Your Skin

If you aren’t putting much thought into your shower you could be doing more harm than good. Here are five shower habits that are ruining your skin.

1. Having Hot Showers
If you have dry and itchy skin then it’s a sign your showers are too hot. Hot water not only dries skin but also causes eczema outbreaks. Let the steam build up before going into the shower for a soothing effect. You can have a hot shower if you want, but for good skin care wait until after the water gets hot and then bring it down a little before getting in. That way, you can appreciate a hot shower with none of the risk. 

2. Using a Harsh Soap
You might enjoy the feeling that comes from scouring your skin, but these soaps with harsh detergents and antibacterial agents are doing more harm than good. The “clean” feeling comes from having no more natural oils left on your skin. Without this natural lubricant, your skin is even more exposed to other things that dry it out such as the hot water of the shower. 

Antibacterial soaps have even been connected to some health problems. The FDA maintains that triclosan, a common ingredient in these soaps, isn’t dangerous to humans but animal studies suggest it can alter hormone levels. Other studies suggest it could cause antibiotic resistance. 

3. You Scrub Too Much
Unless you’re covered in grime form working outside, you don’t need to scrub so much. The only areas that need intense soaping are the groin and armpits. Water gets the job done for most other things, even after an intense workout. Your skin is covered in many natural oils and healthy bacteria that keep it healthy. Scrubbing yourself too much strips those oils and bacteria from your skin and mess with overall skin health.

4. You Don’t Clean Your Razor
Razors can hold onto bacteria from your skin. That bacteria multiplies while your razor is stored away. This is why you should wash your razor in scalding water before using it. Using a razor is already a small risk because of the potential for cutting yourself, but the razor also makes tiny slices in your skin that bacteria can get into. You should completely wash the razor once a week. Don’t forget to change your razor regularly as a dull razor has a greater risk of cutting skin.  

5. Not Following Gym Etiquette
Just because you don’t live in a dorm or shared housing but that doesn’t mean you should forego all of your habits from that time. One thing to continue doing is wearing flipflops in communal bathrooms and showers, such as those at the gym. You can pick up athletes foot and warts from public spaces, so having shower shoes helps because they put a barrier between your feet and these problems.  

Staying clean and showering regularly is great for your health, but it’s possible to do it wrong. Keep these mistakes in mind and avoid making them to stay clean without compromising your health and skin care.